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MyCareChoicesTM - Proactive 2nd Opinion

MRIoA completed a study to quantify how often a patients’ original treatment recommendation could be improved with the help of an expert second opinion. Third party data suggests that over 30% of all treatments result in a change in treatment recommendation when a second opinion is provided. Our study reviewed 120 randomly selected medical cases received by MRIoA over the course of 2019. 

Each medical case was originally approved as meeting prior authorization/preservice review requirements. Each case was then reviewed by a specialty match qualified MRIoA MD specialist to determine if the requested service was the most appropriate service for the individual. Multiple MD specialists were used to reduce reviewer bias.

Unveil the Power of Informed Treatment Decisions with MRIoA's MyCareChoicesTM - Proactive 2nd Opinion

Download the MyCareChoicesTM - Proactive 2nd Opinion White Paper to learn more about the study and why providing patients with a 2nd opinion supports and identifies the appropriate treatment path up front.